5 easy ways to add luxury to your bathroom design

What if I told you that with 5 quick changes you could turn your bathroom into your luxurious spa retreat?

I’m not sure about you but the bathroom is such a special place for me. It’s actually a sanctuary, nursing the parts of my daily routine that improve my sanity.

Think about it.

Where do we go upon waking and before sleeping?

We begin and end our days there. There’s a morning and night routine that the bathroom functions to support. Most proper wake-up and pre-sleep routines include grooming, splashing water on our faces, brushing our teeth and washing off sleep or the stresses of the world. For some, it even is the practice studio where we belt out ballads for our auditions for ‘The Voice’.

And then there’s the relaxation routine for those of us who tend to draw baths to destress and unwind.

This is a place that needs to be both calming and energising, refreshing and replenishing. For me, it needs to be luxurious. With the little free time I have to leave the house feeling ready for the world, it’s the little touches of luxury in my bathroom that makes my routines feel way more special.

If you don’t have the budget for a bathroom that would make even a Roman King feel spoilt, then don’t worry, there are very affordable ways to turn this wellness zone into your exclusive wellness retreat.

Let’s look at some ways to do this straight away!

When thinking about your bathroom, refer to the senses. The design of this space is all about engaging the senses to affect your mood – no matter what state you’re in upon entering.

Now that you got the mentality right, let’s look at some 5 tips for adding luxury to your bathrooms:

  1. Scents. Did you know that smell is the sense most linked to memory? It’s so important that an unfortunate smell can immediately transport you to a bad place no matter how pretty your surroundings. If your bathroom cleaning products smell like what you associate with hospitals, change them straight away! Unless you find the smell of hospitals pleasant, of course. But easy ways to make your bathroom feel like the one you stayed in on your coastal holiday villa is to introduce positive scents into your space. That’s as easy as bringing in a gorgeous scented candle, delicious soups (they can be calming like lavender or vibrant like bergamot). Research what scents resorts use to transport you to a happy place and do the same.
  2. Sound. Don’t underestimate the power of music in helping you turn mundane activities like washing your face morning and night into fun and inspired ones. Look into sound devices that you can have installed that are suitable for the bathroom (as there’s heaps of humidity in here, you’ll need to be specific), and that don’t visually impact the room so much.
  3. Heat. You’d be surprised how much more pleasant your mood would be if you didn’t have to start your day in an icebox of a bathroom! If you can’t afford heated flooring or a heater in here, why not install a heated towel rack? That way you can immediately wrap yourself in warmth and you’re not stuck freezing until you can wriggle into some warm clothes. Otherwise hang a very warm and fluffy robe right next to the shower.
  4. Indoor, bathroom friendly plants. I always, always advocate introducing plants into spaces. Nothing brings more life to a room than an actual living thing!! Depending on your taste, find some plants that are suited to the bathroom environment. You’d be surprised, so many plants (including the notoriously tricky maidenhair fern) thrive in here!
  5. Gorgeous accessories. This is not a room for numerous decorating arrangements, but that doesn’t mean you need to leave it without ornament. A beautiful found mirror can hang where your vanity would be, you could source stunning vintage hooks for robes and towels. You could even fit it a pendant light. Something cute and vintage. We’re loving glass and brass in bathrooms right now!

Some of these changes you could even implement today if you can make the time to!