Sally’s Top 5 Bathtubs for Endless Bliss

One of my favourite ways to de-stress from the fast-paced routines of livin’ in the modern world is to have a bath. As such, I wouldn’t tend to recommend designing a home without a tub to soak in! Today we look at my top 5 favourite bath tubs. Investing in a good bath tub will […]

How to: Beautifully zone those large open plan houses.

Today, large, open plan houses are more frequently being favoured over old school homes with separate rooms for every activity. Don’t believe me? Check out all the modern homes being built around you. More often than not, the entertaining, living, dining and kitchen areas will now share the same floor plan with few to no […]

10 Steps for Expertly Curating your Art & Accessories Collection

To most of us, crafting a beautiful home is all about decorating it flawlessly, right? It’s also one of the more accessible and easy to do items on the home facelift agenda. I mean, picking furniture or ripping out floorboards… what would you rather do? Everyone WANTS a beautiful and luxurious home that represents their […]

How to Budget without a Breakdown

BUDGET… potentially the biggest word and point of pain for anyone when planning a renovation or interior design project. Come to think of it, are there any kind of projects in the world where the word budget doesn’t trigger beads of sweat to spring? Even as an experienced interior designer, when it comes to building […]

Turn Your Home Office into a Goal Smashing Zone

Let’s examine your productivity zones and assess the design solutions you could take to make these excellency zones. For me, if you’re going to work from home, it’s super important to have a home office that can inspire and support you in your daily grind. For most of us, a home office is valuable in […]

How to Craft a Dreamy Nursery

Here’s one for the designers out there welcoming a lil bub into the world! If you’re a design enthusiast, a great place to channel creativity when you’re expecting a bebe is in crafting the perfect nursery! I mean, this is the first place that your child will call home. The pivotal first months and years […]

5 Rookie Renovating Errors and How to Avoid them

With so many people taking on the challenge of creating their dream home, it’s clear we’re living in a house-proud and hands-on era. Creating the home you will live in for decades brings enormous pressure on getting it right and inexperience can lead to all sorts of stress related to time, budget and a compromised outcome.

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