How to Craft a Dreamy Nursery

Here’s one for the designers out there welcoming a lil bub into the world!

If you’re a design enthusiast, a great place to channel creativity when you’re expecting a bebe is in crafting the perfect nursery!

I mean, this is the first place that your child will call home. The pivotal first months and years of a baby’s growth can shape them in so many ways for good if you give every developmental element and consideration they’ll require.

What do you want the nursery to inspire and nurture for your baby – and you? Don’t forget that you’ll be spending a lot of time in here, so design for you too. The goal is to create spaces that simultaneously help your child play, create, imagine and wonder whilst giving you serenity when you’re with them. You want to inspire happiness and confidence by crafting a mood that is whimsical, fun and full of charm.

So let’s talk nursery design!

I personally prefer nurseries that are calm. Simplicity is definitely better than an over-decorated and heavily themed design. I’d personally have nightmares if my child’s room looked like a circus!!

Keep things simple with a calming wall colour, and add your wow statement with gorgeous decorative additions like a sweet mobile, framed artwork, wall sculpture or small furniture items. Bubs tend to grow faster than weeds, so you want to create a space that works for them at one month, one year and beyond without needing to create drastic overhauls to follow suit!

Here’s a list of 5 things you can mix up for a heavenly outcome:

1. Lighting: for your little ones, lighting must be flexible. You’ll need to be able to enhance it as required, but also block it out for restful sleeps. And what about a light for you when you’re keeping the lil’ one company? Are there fun lighting options like fairy lights or beautiful lamps that you can find also?

2. Art: I believe that proximity to art inspires creativity – and why not introduce this to your bebe in their formative years? It will help develop creative appreciation. If you pick something truly special, it could be a piece that your child inherits when they grow up!

3. Nursing Chair: For nursing comfort, a mum’s best friend is a great nursing chair. Something deep and comfortable that one could recline in for as long as needed. Think aesthetics as well as function in achieving luxury here.

4. Cot: This will be the key furniture item for this room. Selecting the best cot is all about ensuring comfort, saftey and the best night’s rest achievable for your baby. They come in so many varieties. I recommend a flexible, sturdy and high-quality investment here in case there are plans for more children to come.

5. Colour: Parents loooove picking colours for nurseries. Will you colour by your child’s gender? Or go neutral (regardless of if you know the gender)? As much as the colour is a theme for your child’s imagination, it needs to be one that you also love, that speaks to the style of the rest of your home. Or do you want the nursery to be a visual disruption to celebrate the newborn’s individuality? We have whole sections of our course dedicated to colour and colour psychology because this is such an important topic. Choose this wisely!