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  • Is Open Design Studio right for me?

    Open Design Studio was created for design enthusiasts planning a renovation or new build and looking to design their home like a pro. The content is also the ideal for design students or recent graduates looking for real studio experience.

  • Can I keep the content for use down the track?

    Yes you can! The entire course is downloadable so you can keep your ebooks, worksheets, templates, resource lists and schedules on your desktop. If you print and bind them, you could have a finished textbook with all your notes scribbled in. Our worksheets are interactive so you can keep working on them once the course is done too.

  • Can I purchase the entire course upfront?

    Yes you can! The entire course is available upfront with All In Access. You get all of the downloadable content emailed to you, 1 module per day for 6 days and design support for 6 months.

  • Can I work at my own pace?

    Yes you can! Even though we release the modules monthly, you can keep working on previous content until you’re ready to tackle the next. Once unlocked the content remains accessible for the entire course for the duration of your membership. Do work when you can, save and continue at your leisure. This is not a project to rush.

  • How do I cancel my access to the studio?

    Cancelling access to the studio is easy. There are no contracts or obligations, simply email us at with a request to end your subscription and we’ll take care of the rest for you promptly.

  • When will I be charged?

    Signing up to our free trial you would Once you make a purchase, there is a free trial period of 2 weeks as an option, in this case your card will be charged after this period has lapsed. Your membership with the studio will continue until you notify us to opt out, in this time your card will be charged per module, every 30 days.

  • What if I need additional help during the course?

    If you require an in-depth session to nut out any kinks in your project, uncovered areas specific to your project, or just have an expert eye glance over your progress, you can book a Design Pow Wow with Sally herself. You and Sally will sit together for a 45 minute Skype session to chat through your project, problem solve and define your next steps. You can register for the Design Pow Wow in the Welcome tab of the private member’s area. This comes at an additional charge.

  • Can you connect me to other trades and services?

    We can. While we are based in Melbourne, Australia we do have contacts in major cities around the world. We often give recommended trades and services based on our personal favourites. However, if you need more recommendations, feel free to email us and we’ll share with your our best contacts.

  • Will I be able to design my own house by the end?

    Damn straight you will. This program will give you the skills and knowledge to design and oversee the build of an entire project after you’ve completed all the coursework. You will still need to enlist specialist trades and services for the technical aspects – we outline each trade as the appear in the process.

  • What practical aspects of interior design will I learn?

    You’ll learn how to design and manage the build of your projects exactly as interior designers do. We teach you the full interior design process, share our trade secrets, top DIY home design tips and resources to help you nail your projects - from renovation to build. You’ll learn how to create an interior design brief, how to draw ideal floorplans for your entire home, how to select the perfect finishes, fittings & electrical specifications, how to design lighting, how to manage the project with external parties, and how to decorate your home like a boss!!

  • What if I’m not designing a whole house, but only renovating or building an extension?

    Whether you’re taking on a whole interior design project, renovating, extending, or just updating one key area of the home, you will need to learn the correct interior design principles and processes which are outlined in the early modules.

    The Open Design Studio program covers all areas of a home renovation or new build. The great thing about this is that you can easily select areas that are of immediate importance to you, for example - spatial planning and kitchen specifications for your new kitchen design, or lighting and interior styling if you’re updating living spaces.

  • What’s the difference between Open Design Studio and certified online interior design courses?

    Open Design Studio is an online interiors course that is designed to feel like you’re learning on the job (i.e. in the studio with us!). We’re focused on sharing real, practical and actionable interior design tips based on our experience in the industry. No bullshit, no fluff, just pure gold that will help you design your home with expert interior design advice, templates, favourite decorating blogs, tools, top-secret suppliers and real time feedback from our experienced design team. After you complete our course you will be able to immediately apply your knowledge to designing one or many projects.

  • Will there be assessments for the Open Design Studio course?

    The biggest and only assessment you’ll face with Open Design Studio is the actual design of your first DIY interiors project - whether it’s a home build, renovation or extension. Our course is built to be a complete guide to designing your home, your way - but with expert intel. While we have some worksheets, example floorplans, finishes templates and etc., the completion of these will all simply add to the compulsory components of your home design project. Isn’t that great? You can do them anywhere, at any time and they’ll all form essential parts to your finished project.

  • What if I’m only interested in interior styling or how to decorate homes?

    This one’s easy! Module 06 is dedicated to these interior design topics and we sell that Module individually for $120 as the ‘Design Guide’. This module will give you the confidence to style interiors and decorate like a star.

  • What if I need additional help during the course, interior design process, or while I’m renovating?

    If you need additional help during the course, we're always here to help you.

    You can book a Design Pow Wow with Sally if you need an in-depth session to nut out any kinks in your renovation or home design projects, uncovered areas specific to your project, or just have an expert eye glance over your progress. You and Sally will sit together for a 45 minute Skype to chat through your project, problem solve and define your next steps. You can register for the Design Pow Wow in the Welcome Bar of the private member’s area. This comes at an additional charge.

  • How long does each module take to do?

    We know you’re busy, time is precious. All content and tools are designed to help you ride the fast lane for this renovation - get your ideas together, find all the suppliers you need and communicate your intentions to your builder efficiently and elegantly.

    Each module does vary in terms of learning content and the work involved in putting your learning into practice. Allow 6 hours per module as a minimum, bearing in mind some modules you may spend 16 hours + on activities such as sourcing or planning.

  • Ok, so I’ll get to learn how to design homes, but what about managing the build process?

    We’ve got you covered. Module 05 is all about Project Managing the interior design build! We’ll show you how to select trades for interior design, how to manage build teams, how to project manage a build as well as look over government regulations needed for interior design projects!

  • What if I’ve already studied interior design courses?

    We’ve designed our course to be relevant to past interior design students too! As most courses are more conceptual than practical, our interior design program will help consolidate your principles, as well as be a ‘how-to’ guide for designing interiors from start to finish. Super helpful for interior design students who’ve recently finished school but need more help with the practical process to interior design.

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