Bathroom Design & Renovation Kit

If you’re re-designing or renovating your bathroom, we’ve got you covered. Turn your bathroom into your every day spa retreat with our Bathroom Design & Renovation Kit. Across spatial planning, finishes & fittings, layouts, lighting and styling, we’ll make sure your bathroom design is nailed.

Streamline the job with the tools and templates we use in our studio. We’ll give you our schedules, typical plans and go-to joinery dimensions.

With thousands of options, at different price points and style, designing and managing the renovation of your bathroom can mean hours of agonising over every design detail. ┬áIt doesn’t have to be that way! We’ve created the ONLY guide you’ll need to know how to renovate your bathroom like a BOSS.

This game-changing guide includes:

  • Bathroom Design Cheatsheet and Briefing Template
  • Bathroom Design 101
  • Guides to Finishes and Fittings Selections
  • Bathroom Planning 101
  • Done-For-You Layouts and Storage Specifics
  • Lighting Your Bathroom
  • Styling Your Bathroom
  • Supplier Library: Finishes, Fittings, Lighting and Accessories

This one is available as a solo purchase, access your guide below