Module 02: Spatial Planning

Spatial planning is organising space ahead of time to have a clear map of how each room will flow, serve its functions and provide enough storage for all your belongings. This is integral for defining how you will navigate through your rooms, and how it will feel to be there. Poor spatial planning results in inefficient use of space and clunky rooms that feel uncomfortable no matter how often you rearrange!

Excellent planning ensures that your finished project will function and feel perfect. This module will ensure your rooms flow harmoniously with intelligent storage inspired by your daily routines. You will learn everything you need to know about how to expertly plan every room in your project (even study nooks and le laundry!) so that the homes you build will flow harmoniously with all the available space budgeted correctly for their best use.

We also provide sample plans and a comprehensive 411 on planning each space. 

This game-changing module covers:

  • Spatial Planning 101 – The Process & Expert’s Mentality for Planning
  • How to sketch your ideas
  • Creating the perfect entry
  • Kitchen planning, typical dimensions and joinery specifics
  • Done-for-you typical kitchen floor plans
  • Bathroom Planning, typical dimensions and joinery specifics
  • Done-for-you typical bathroom floorplans
  • Powder room planning and design
  • Living and dining rooms
  • Bedroom planning
  • Wardrobes and dressing rooms
  • Laundry planning and typical storage dimensions