Module 03: Specifications

Once the overarching design of your home is briefed, and the spaces are planned, it’s time to get specific! This is where you work with your established design intent to begin fleshing out the look of your home with finishes, fittings and door hardware. These decisions seem small but actually have a HUGE role in differentiating the style of your unique build project.

Specifying fittings, finishes and hardware can be daunting with the vast options available to us. We’ll help you simplify this process and ensure that everything you specify helps you achieve your style and budget. Major considerations we’ll help you with include the look, feel, performance, durability, ease of maintenance and longevity.

We help you make dream specifications by:

  • Exploring all potential finishes, helping you compare their appeal and appropriateness for your project
  • Providing our important breakdown of all the fittings needed for key spaces, sharing which ones we love, and how to design your fittings like a pro
  • Guiding you in creating your finishes boards
  • Sharing our favourite suppliers for finishes, fittings and hardware
  • Providing all the templates and tools we use in studio to lock down all selections effectively
  • Help you stay organised to track all your specifications to time and budget