Module 04: Lighting

Lighting is the most important element of interior design. Clever lighting design helps animate spaces with the life and brightness needed at all times of the day. Whether you’re designing to maximise natural light by day, or to allow many perfect lighting scenarios at night, getting this right will lift the value of your home immensely.

We will teach you how to master all the interior lighting elements by maximising natural light while expertly mixing and matching artificial and decorative light for all your home’s needs. Learn how to craft moods with lighting, how to illuminate task spaces, how to decorate with lighting, how to boss the switching and electricals.

Your illuminating lighting guide will cover:  

  • Natural light
  • Types of artificial light
  • Specific advice for lighting your kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Types of accent light
  • Accent lighting no-no’s
  • Typical heights for accent lighting
  • Our favourite lighting suppliers
  • Our best tips for switching success
  • Planning your power points – where to locate and conceal them
  • Communicating your ideas clearly to trades

There is SO much to this module, a balance of technical and creative knowledge that will transform the way you light your spaces.