Sally’s Top 5 Bathtubs for Endless Bliss

One of my favourite ways to de-stress from the fast-paced routines of livin’ in the modern world is to have a bath. As such, I wouldn’t tend to recommend designing a home without a tub to soak in! Today we look at my top 5 favourite bath tubs.

Investing in a good bath tub will yield years of blissful returns because they provide a luxury that is very simple to enjoy, but wonderful in the plentiful way that they give back. Soaking in water is not just a good way to purify, cleanse and treat your skin, it provides great mental and spiritual health benefits too. The relaxing quality of bathing is the key reason for me. It can be just so nice shut the door to the world and slip in after a hard day to let the stress and pressures release themselves while you just simply relax. There are few better ways of priming oneself for a good night’s sleep!

Obviously, the bathtubs that we pick need to be the right shapes and dimensions for our bathrooms. However, you’d be surprised at how many factors can affect a good tub to soak in, whether we’re talking material, shape or size. Everybody’s preferences are different here, but fortunately, there’s always something for everyone.

Here are my favourite bathtubs for years of endless bliss:

  1. “Drop” Bathtub from agape, Italy
  2.  “Stand” Bathtub by Norm Architects, Denmark
  3. “Ottocento” bathtub from agape
  4. Japanese Ofuro timber tub from Japanese Bath Co
  5. All marble errthang custom marble tub