Selecting & Hanging Art

Art is such a subjective component. Once you’ve found a piece that you like, how do you hang it?

Art comes in all shapes, sizes, styles and price points. What you pick is really about what lights you up, engages you, and evokes the desired feeling in the space in which it hangs. Source art from galleries, direct from the artist, from cool resellers like Ed Clarke antiques in Melbourne, or local flea markets.

So what’s my best advice for selecting art?  First and foremost, select art that you respond to emotionally. I can tell you what I like, but my appreciation comes from my frame of reference, my perspective. Your selection will come from a place within you, your frame of reference, your perspective.

1) Art Any Way

With art, I like to mix things up – paintings and professional art, with wall sculptures and photography. This could also include beautiful photographs you have taken from a special moment in time, or art your 3 year old brought home from kinder. Don’t be afraid to pick pieces from young, local artists too! We should support the art community, from underground to well established.

2) Mix It Up

Don’t be afraid to mix and match frame materials, colours and thicknesses. Depending on the look you’re going for in your home, mixed frames give texture and an artfully inconsistent feel. Art can quite happily hang together in harmoniously curated but clearly different frames.

3) Scale

Visually, we must create hierarchy in this collection. This means some pieces will be larger and visually bolder, demanding attention straight of the get go, whilst others will be subtle and only after some time of study will come to your attention.

4) Lay It Out.

I always gather the art I’m considering and lay it on the ground first. this way I can edit where each piece will sit in relation to others and decide the spacing between them. I’m looking at colour, frame, form and scale. I will continually edit until I arrive at an outcome that feels harmonious.

5) Measure it up

When you’re ready to hang, you will already know what is going where and what space will go between. I mark the wall with tiny gray-lead dots, measured from the floor, marking where all my nails need to go. Remember, you must consider the “slack” on the cord behind, so these will be aligned once hung.

6) Mounting Height

Generally, your artwork or salon hang should be hung to sit nominally 1500mm from the finished floor to the centre line. This is so we can enjoy the art at eye level. Seems so simple, but the height that art is hung has to be one of the most common errors I come across!

We do also place art to lean on a credenza, or even the floor for that matter, so this is not a hard and fast rule. Importantly, consider how one will view the art and let that guide your placement.

Have fun!

You can always change and rearrange to whatever suits your fancy.