Turn Your Home Office into a Goal Smashing Zone

Let’s examine your productivity zones and assess the design solutions you could take to make these excellency zones.

For me, if you’re going to work from home, it’s super important to have a home office that can inspire and support you in your daily grind. For most of us, a home office is valuable in the key act of providing a productivity zone that is separate from your rest and relaxation zones – as a starting point of value.

Once you start working in areas that also function as the places where you relax, enjoy entertainment, dream or sleep, you’re doomed to never get your mind fully out of work mode. The work will also suffer from the temptation of mixing relaxation or ‘homey’ activities into the times you’d pencilled in for productivity! Not hard to think that ‘half an hour of reading, whilst on the couch, during work hours can’t hurt’ before wasting most of your day.  

A separate study or working zone thus becomes essential to ready your mindset for productivity.

Next up, the space needs to be representative of you, inspiring to your work/ambitions, and supportive of the tasks you need to do. It’s crucial to set yourself a space that inspires creativity, productivity, that is both beautiful and organised to make acing the work an efficient process.

So what are some design tips from me to you for your home office?

1. Separation of Space

This is first and foremost! Have a  s e p a r a t e  area just for work. Separate means away from where you play and relax, and ideally behind doors. We recently had a project where the home office came directly off the master bedroom. In my opinion, this was detrimental to the function of rest and rejuvenation needed in the bedroom. Those are the activities that should be taking place in a master suite. You want to be able to access both, but know when to separate the two activities so that they don’t get confused.

2. Light

Maximise natural light as best you can. Place your desk close to (if not directly under) a source of natural light. Ideally, these are north or east facing windows so that you can make the most of the sunshine. I personally find natural light to be highly inspiring and invigorating. Second, to this, a great task lamp for those late nights and early mornings is imperative. Make it practical, but beautiful. For example, I’m loving the Tolomeo desk lamp by Artemide or the Rezek Lamp by Ron Rezek (!! love).

3. Seating

Ergonomic seating is a must, and worth every dollar! It’s all well and good to achieve work/life balance, but compromising the health of your back will prevent you from enjoying any of the rewards! I learned the hard way with back problems directly related to looong days at my desk. I invested in a Vitra task chairs a couple of years ago and have never looked back.

4. Organisation

You’ve heard the adage before ‘an organised space is an organised mind’. Keep your area tidy and well kept with gorgeous storage systems like the String series from Great Dane or The Collector’s shelving. Mix up open shelving with slim and deep drawers. Think firstly what needs to be stored, the best way to do so, and how much of each storage type you’ll need. Then source or design it. Planning and consideration initially will yield the best outcomes here. You don’t want to be stuck in that popular procrastination loop of always needing to reorganise your workspace, ‘to increase efficiency’ because you didn’t nail it the first time.

5. Greenery

Bring the outside in and you’re halfway to working remotely from the beach ;). In case you haven’t figured it out already, I love plants. I go on about them a lot in Open Design Studio. Aside from the energising vibrancy of colour, you’re keeping company with a living, breathing thing. Maidenhair ferns are beautiful on desks. Plus, having something to water gives you a good reason to break – but not for too long, of course.